Our aerospace manufacturers & service providers serve the commercial, defense and aerospace industries. The manufacturing capabilities of each company is varied, but includes component parts for aircraft engines, control systems, cabin interiors, cargo systems, components for modern commercial and civilian passenger aircraft, as well as products and components for experimental and development projects. The key words in the Idaho aerospace program are "state of the art" and "absolute quality." 

Aerospace manufacturing is a high tech industry providing aircraft, aircraft components, guided missiles, drones, space vehicles, aircraft engines, propulsion units, and other parts. There is no limit to the "extreme and the unusual" when dealing with any kind of aerospace project. The demands are high and the room for error is zero. Call on Idaho to give you just that.

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Aerospace Suppliers


G Zero CNC Machining

1100 West Taylor Avenue, Ste 100 Meridian, Idaho 83642 


Space Screw, Inc.
6720 W Boekel Rd.
Rathdrum, ID 83858

(208) 687-9364 


Teton Machining Solutions

1835 NE 10th Avenue

Payette, ID 83616